Capital One Welcomes Wikibuy

 Today, Capital One announced the acquisition of Wikibuy, an Austin, Texas-based technology company that is a leader in the growing market of automated online shopping comparison engines.

 Launched in 2016, Wikibuy is a completely free, digital tool that makes saving time and money easy.

With more than two million members, Wikibuy removes friction from the online shopping process by automating cross-site price comparisons in real time while consumers shop; locating and applying valuable active coupon codes at checkout; and providing product price tracking and alerts.

"We believe that consumers want intelligent, real-time banking tools that proactively anticipate and deliver on their needs," said Joe Poellnitz, SVP of US Card at Capital One Financial. "With Wikibuy, we've acquired an innovative startup that helps customers save time, money, and enables them to shop with confidence."

Austin will continue to be home for Wikibuy, where it will continue to provide members with the same great, clear, and simple service they receive today.

"We've been impressed by Capital One's strong vision for the future and considerable experience leading innovation through technology," said Adam Gauvin, Co-CEO of Wikibuy in a blog post announcing the news. "As it has moved further into digital experiences, Capital One has expanded the ways it helps customers make better financial decisions."

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