2018 National Name Your Car Day Survey commissioned by the GM Buypower Card Finds Over 40% of Americans Name Their Vehicles

October 2nd marks National Name Your Car Day a day for drivers to embrace the fun and light-hearted side of car ownership

 The 2018 National Name Your Car Day Survey commissioned by the GM BuyPower Card – which surveyed 1,276 licensed drivers in the United States – found that 42 percent of respondents named their vehicles, with nearly three quarters (73%) of those surveyed acknowledging that naming a car "fosters a stronger bond" with that vehicle.

 Of those naming their vehicles, the survey revealed that women were 7 percent more likely than their male counterparts to designate special titles to their cars. And, 55 percent of respondents went one step further and personified their vehicles as female. The most popular names drivers bestowed upon their vehicles were Betsy and Betty.

 ·         Car Namers Unite! 78 percent of drivers who have named their car say they know someone else who has named their car too

·         They're Not Shy: 82 percent of those drivers said they share that name freely with family and friends

·         Wait It Out: 56 percent said car personality, make and model, and color influence a vehicle's name, because of that, 43 percent of drivers wait to name their after they've owned it for a month

·         The Silver Bullet: Silver is most popular car color with a quarter (25%) of owners driving silver cars

"There is such an emotional connection that drivers have for their cars – naming them is just one way they show attachment," said Chris Duke, host of Motorz TV and GM BuyPower Card ambassador. "Owners spend so much time in their cars and memories are made there – the survey definitely shows that bond and the thought process behind naming a car."

Looking Ahead to a New Vehicle

More than 60 percent (61.5%) of the respondents surveyed indicated that they were planning to buy or lease a vehicle in the next three years, and 42 percent noted that they will begin saving for a new vehicle at least six months before they make the purchase. As they plan ahead, prospective owners could consider leveraging a rewards credit card like the GM BuyPower Card, where they can build Earnings with every day purchases, which can be used to save on a new GM vehicle Cardholders can accumulate 5% Earnings on the first $5,000 in purchases, and 2% after that, to apply toward the future purchase or lease of a new Chevrolet, Buick, GMC or Cadillac vehicle.

In the survey, 73 percent of drivers said they choose to purchase or lease a new vehicle from the dealership. For GM BuyPower Card holders, Earnings can be redeemed at every GM dealership in the nation. Earnings do not expire as along as the account is open, and can be combined with most other offers, leaving consumers with added flexibility to make vehicle decisions that fit their lifestyle.* More information can be found at BuyPowerCard.com.

"With any major financial decision, planning for the future is key – that includes saving up for a vehicle and all of the costs associated with owning or leasing," said Craig Glee, Partner Lead, U.S. Credit Card Partnership, Capital One. ""The GM BuyPower Card is great because it allows you to build Earnings with every day purchases, which can be used toward the future purchase or lease of a new, eligible Chevrolet, Buick, GMC or Cadillac vehicle." We encourage everyone to pick out a great name for their vehicle while also thinking ahead about how to use their Earnings to save and be financially savvy."

Additional survey findings include:

·         51% of drivers estimate that they spend at least $1,000 per year on their vehicle

·         66% of the vehicles are at least 5 years old

·         38% say they are more likely to buy American in their next car purchase vs 15% who say they are less likely to purchase American with their next car

·         Fuel efficiency (60%), Safety Ratings (48%), and on-road performance (43%) were the three most important factors in purchasing a new vehicle

·         29% of respondents cited financing options as an important factor in the consideration of a new vehicle

Capital One, N.A. is the issuer of the BuyPower Card. General Motors is responsible for the operation and administration of the Earnings program.

*BuyPower Card Earnings may not be used with fleet vehicle incentive programs or with some other offers and discounted sale programs, such as the GM Employee Discount or Supplier Discount.


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