2018 National Car Care Month Survey Commissioned by GM BuyPower Card Finds Most Americans Rely on Automotive Experts for Vehicle Maintenance and Service Needs

April’s  National Car Care Month A Reminder to Keep Vehicle Maintenance Schedule Current  and to Save for Future Vehicle Expenses

April 10, 2018 – With warmer weather ahead, drivers are ready to hit  the road this Spring. April marks National Car Care Month, an opportunity for  drivers to prepare themselves and their vehicles for the busy driving season.

The 2018 National Car Care Month Survey  commissioned by the GM BuyPower Card – which surveyed 664  licensed drivers in the United States – found that only 22 percent of Americans  feel confident in their overall knowledge about cars, but more are turning to  automotive experts, including local dealerships, for vehicle maintenance. In  fact, more than 90 percent of American drivers take their vehicles to an automotive  expert for service, rather than doing the work themselves.

  • In a nearly even split, 41 percent of drivers  take their vehicles to the dealership for maintenance while 35 percent go to an  independent repair shop. 12 percent have gone to a maintenance retail chain for  service.
  • Trustworthiness (55 percent) and location (54  percent) of vehicle repair shops are 1.5 times more important to drivers than  the cost of doing the maintenance / repairs (35%).
  • Only 8 percent of drivers attempt to do vehicle  maintenance themselves, with replacing windshield wipers (57 percent) and  headlight/taillight replacements (32 percent) the most common DIY maintenance.
  • 72 percent of drivers say regularly scheduled  check-ups prompted them to take their vehicle in to the shop for service.
  • About 75 percent of consumers who took the  survey also claimed they had read their vehicle’s manual, but most drivers put  off scheduling their vehicle for maintenance if it’s a minor issue – only 14  percent make an appointment to have their car serviced the same day.

While many drivers need expert support in the care of their vehicles, they  also say that vehicle reliability (81%) and safety (58%) are the two most  important reasons to take their vehicles in for service. Passing emissions  testing (18%) and ensuring the vehicle remains environmentally friendly (8%) were  the two least important reasons, according to survey respondents.

Chris Duke, Motorz TV host and GM  BuyPower Card ambassador, laid out three important steps drivers can take  during National Car Care Month to ensure their vehicles are in top condition.

“National Car Care Month is a reminder to all of us that keeping  vehicles properly maintained is important to overall performance, safety and  reliability,” said Motorz TV host and GM BuyPower Card ambassador Chris Duke. “Adhering  to the service schedule found in your vehicle’s manual and taking your vehicle  to a trustworthy service professional will help ensure that your vehicle is in  good hands. It’s also important to stay current on little things like oil  changes, tire rotations, and keeping your interior and exterior clean – this  will ensure you’re ready to hit the road all year round.”

Preparing for the Unknown? Drivers  Not Ready for Surprise Vehicle Costs

  • When identifying their saving and spending  habits, 65 percent of drivers responding to the survey said they do not save  for vehicle maintenance or service costs.
  • However, 85 percent of drivers paid $500 or less  on maintenance in the past 12 months, signifying that consumers’ expenses for  vehicle maintenance and regular service are not as steep as common knowledge  would suggest.
  • Less than 20 percent of respondents feel like  they overpaid for vehicle maintenance, while 72 percent said costs were about  what they expected.
  • 70 percent of drivers use a credit card to pay  for vehicle maintenance, allowing them the flexibility to choose a credit card  that fits their needs.

“Saving for a future vehicle and being smart about maintaining your  current vehicle is one of the savviest financial decisions you can make,” said Craig  Glee, Partner Lead, U.S. Credit Card Partnerships. “As drivers plan ahead, the  GM BuyPower Card is a great way for them to save toward a new GM vehicle.  Everyday purchases with the BuyPower Card, including ones for the upkeep of  your current car, give you Earnings toward the future purchase or lease of a  new Chevrolet, Buick, GMC or Cadillac vehicle.”

  • According to the survey, 90 percent of drivers  are looking to buy or lease a car in the next four years.

The GM  BuyPower Card is a great  resource for anyone planning for a new car in the future. Cardholders  can accumulate 5% Earnings on the first $5,000 in purchases, and 2% after that, to apply toward the future purchase or  lease of a new GM vehicle.* Earnings can be redeemed at any GM  dealership, they don’t expire as along as the account is open, and can be  combined with most other offers, leaving consumers with added flexibility to  make vehicle decisions that fits their lifestyle. More information can be found  at BuyPowerCard.com.

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