2017 Back to Driving Survey Reveals Many American Families Are Considering Purchasing a New Vehicle

Survey  Commissioned by GM BuyPower Card Uncovers Trends, Attitudes and Preferences
  Toward  Current and Future Vehicles

With autumn here, parents have resumed their schedule of driving their  children to and from school, daycare and all the activities in-between.

The 2017 Back to Driving Survey commissioned by the GM BuyPower Card, including 789 licensed drivers in the  U.S. with at least one child 15-years old or younger living at home, revealed  that 27.6% are considering either  purchasing or leasing a new vehicle and more than one in five (21.9%) respondents indicated that they are ready NOW for  a new family vehicle.  Additionally,  nearly 30% (28.9%) are planning to  buy their child a vehicle once they secure a driver's license.

And, while more than one in five  (22.9%) have already saved money toward a new vehicle, more than a third (35.9%) would consider the GM BuyPower Card if it  meant they could earn more towards the future purchase of a new family vehicle  with the features they desired. With the GM BuyPower Card, Cardholders can  accumulate 5% Earnings on the first 5,000 in purchases, and 2% after that, to  put toward the future purchase or lease of a new Chevrolet, Buick, GMC or  Cadillac vehicle.*

So, why might American families consider the purchase or lease of a new  vehicle? According to the survey, more than half (51.8%) of respondents are  driving vehicles that are five years old or older, and more than one out of  five (22.8%) drive vehicles at least 10 years of age or older.

Some other interesting findings from the 2017 Back to Driving Survey:

Vehicle Satisfaction High, But  Upgrades Preferred:

  • The vast  majority of drivers (71.4%) are generally satisfied with their vehicles, but  more than one out of five (21.2%) would like a newer vehicle down the line
  • The  top-desired vehicle upgrade is better fuel efficiency, with over 40% (41.1%)  indicating that this would be their upgrade of choice
    • Why? 87.5%  spend more on gas during the school year, versus when school is out
  • 28.4% of  respondents indicated that the next most desired upgrade is more overall space
    • This was  split evenly between those who wanted more seating capacity, and more  storage/cargo space (14% each)
  • The third  most desired upgrade (17.4%) is more technology, including navigation systems  and in-vehicle WiFi

The Family Vehicle is a Second  Home in More Ways Than One:

  • Over  one-third (35%) consider their vehicle almost like a second home rather than  just a mode of transportation
  • 58.2%  indicated they couldn't live without their vehicle, while only 41.8% said they  couldn't live without their cell phone
  • Nearly  half (49.3%) of kids sleep or take naps in the family vehicle, while over 40%  (41.7%) read
    • More than  one in five (20.2%) do their homework
    • More than  two-thirds (68.3%) eat snacks, while more than 56.5% of parents indicate they  snack as well
      • Whether  you're buying snacks or other everyday purchases, GM BuyPower Card customers  receive 5% Earnings on their first $5,000 in purchases each year, then 2%  unlimited Earnings on purchases after
    • Beyond  snacks, 30% of kids actually eat full meals in the vehicle, as do one-third  (33.2%) of adults
  • Nearly  three-quarters (72.9%) noted that their biggest vehicle-related pet peeve is  that, during the school year, their vehicle is constantly dirty

Parents Are "Time Travelers" in  Their Vehicles:

  • Nearly  three-quarters (72.9%) of parents spend more time in their vehicles during the  school year than they do during the summer, with nearly a quarter (23.7%)  spending five hours or more per week on school pick-ups and drop-offs
  • Half of  those surveyed (50.1%) indicated they make five to ten trips per week dropping  off or picking up their child/children from daycare, school and other  activities. Similarly, just over 30% (30.9%) make 11 or more of these types of  trips per week
  • More than  one in ten (11.2%) spend eight or more hours a week in their vehicles related  to daycare, school and activity-related drop-offs and pick-ups, with nearly  two-thirds (66.4%) expecting to spend more time in their vehicles this school  year

No  matter what your destination is, driving your family calls for a reliable  vehicle that fits your needs. The GM BuyPower Card is a great resource for parents – every purchase  accumulates Earnings that bring them one step closer to the purchase or lease  of a new Chevrolet, Buick, GMC or Cadillac vehicle down the road.

Learn  more about the GM BuyPower Card by visiting www.buypowercard.com.

*BuyPower Card Earnings may not be used with fleet vehicle incentive  programs or with some other offers and discounted sale programs, such as the GM  Employee Discount

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