Capital One & Uber – Bringing Customers a Rewarding Way to Ride
Starting today, every 10th Uber ride is free up to $15 when you pay with Quicksilver through March 2017

June 15, 2016 – Today, Capital One and Uber launched a first-ever in-app loyalty offer that puts customers in control, giving them the ability to earn free rides and use them when they want. Through an elegant in-app experience, designed with the customer in mind, riders can track their rides and progression toward earing free rides.

It’s Simple & Straightforward

Beginning June 15, 2016 through March 2017, every 10th Uber ride is free up to $15 when paid for with Quicksilver or QuicksilverOne. Once earned, free rides automatically load to the rider’s Uber account and can be used anytime during the promotion. This is in addition to the unlimited 1.5% cash back customers already earn on every purchase with Quicksilver. Beyond that, this loyalty offer is available nationwide and there is no cap to the number of free rides customers can earn.

Together, Capital One and Uber have created a user experience that doesn’t require any additional sign-up or codes, customers can constantly track their progress in the most updated version of the app and their earned free rides automatically load to their Uber accounts.

"At Capital One, we have a long-standing commitment of delighting our customers with rewarding experiences that seamlessly fit into their lives and save them time and money," said Manan Mahadevia, Managing Vice President for U.S. Card with Capital One. “We are excited to build upon our strategic partnership with Uber and create an innovative loyalty offer that delivers a simple, valuable and intuitive experience for Quicksilver cardholders.”

History of Innovation

Capital One is proud to continue delivering effortless experiences that allow customers to save time and money. FromCreditWise to theCapital One Skill for Amazon Alexa-enabled devices to Capital One Wallet℠, Capital One continues to innovate and seek out like-minded partners with its customers as the top priority.

“Uber and Capital One have a history of creating unique experiences and delivering impactful savings for our riders,” said David Richter, Vice President, Strategic Initiatives at Uber. “Today we are excited to introduce a new in-app experience that will reward loyal Uber riders and Quicksilver customers with the ability to earn free rides and to choose when to use them.”

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